Beginners deserve a better way to learn to play golf!

Most golf programs are incomplete. That is why the Grow Golf Network Ladies Academy uses the Operation 36® Development Model which centers around playing golf. The goal is to help you shoot par (36) or better for 9 holes.

Learning to play golf can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience if you don’t have a clear plan. Operation 36 provides beginers with the most effective developmental programs and technology to learn to play golf. Become a skilled golfer by following a motivating roadmap to shooting Par (36) or better for 9 holes!

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Wed. 3:30 – 4:30 PM starting Jan. 5

Thurs. 1:30 – 2:30 PM starting Jan. 6

Wickenburg Golf Club Wickenburg, Arizona

The Operation 36 Golf Development Model

How it works

Play 9 Holes with Op 36

Learn to play golf or develop your skills even further using the Operation 36 on-course divisions. Designed to allow you to work on the skills needed to pass each division.

Learn & Develop Skills

Attend our weekly fun and engaging classes with our supportive professional staff. Each week we will work on a new skill that will help you pass your on-course divisions and become a life-long golfer!

Train & Track Your Progress

Every participant and family gets access to the Op 36 Golf app. This will allow you to log when you play and train, stay connected with our staff, and become part of our community.

How to Level Up Your Game:

STEP ONE: Develop Skills in Classes

We offer weekly group classes for you to attend that are
educational and fun.

STEP TWO: Play your First 9 Holes

Coaches will provide you with a 9 hole playing experience
with the Op 36 Model.

STEP THREE: Track Your Golf Journey

The Op 36 Mobile App is your guide outside of classes. It is designed to make it fun to track your golf progress.

Mike Whims –
Academy Director
Certified Op 36 Coach

Enroll Today!

Enroll in the academy and track your progress with the Op 36 app!

Coaches can communicate with you, help set goals, and give you the tools to progress outside of class. Check the app for important announcements!

Go From the Driving Range to an On-Course Pro

Learning to play golf can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience if you don’t have a clear plan. Operation 36 provides beginners with the most effective developmental programs and technology to learn to play golf. Become a skilled golfer by following a motivating roadmap to shooting Par (36) or better for 9 holes!

Program Tuition
$35 per lesson

  • 8 Weekly Academy Classes
  • 2 Op 36 9-Hole Events
  • Op 36 Mobile App

Annual GGN Family Membership

  • Exclusive Member Events
  • The Learning Lamp Content
  • SOAR Educational Program
  • The Member Directory

Meet the Coach!

Ann is a legend in Ladies golf both locally and nationally. Here are some of her accomplishments:

  • She is one of the most accomplished golfers in Washington State history
  • She won 46 amateur tournaments in her career including:
    • Winner of the National Club Championship
    • 9-Time Women’s Washington State Champion, also 9-times a Runner up!
    • Won 7 Seattle City Championships (On a broken leg in 1989!)
    • 6 -Time Women’s Southern Oregon Open Champion
    • 6-Time Women’s Washington State Senior Open Champion
    • 5 other Women’s National Senior titles
    • Qualified for Women’s British Amateur
    • Qualified to play in 22 USGA championships, including 3 U.S Women’s Opens
  • She is a member of the PNGA Hall-of-Fame
  • She has coached college golfers at Seattle U. and the University of Washington
  • Ann is currently the Head Coach of the men’s golf team at Grays Harbor College
  • She also brings her knowledge and experience to the First Tee of Seattle as a Head Coach

For many years, Ann, has had a major impact on the game of golf, particularly in the Northwest. As a founding member of the Grow Golf Network and as a contributor to The Bottom of the Cup Blog, you will have access to her wisdom and views on how to win and how to prepare to win going forward. What others have said about Ann:

I have had the privilege of being friends with Ann for over 40 years. Remarkably, she continues to give and grow the game through her ability to communicate her passion for golf. She is an accomplished player and coach whose wisdom and knowledge can benefit all of us”

-Mary Lou Mulflur, Head Coach of the National Champion UW Husky Women’s Golf Team

How can she help you?

Ann can help you win. She can help you prepare to win as her mental game approach is one of the important things she developed during her career. Golf is a game of distance and direction and Ann will help you gain the confidence to master both!


Grow Golf Network offers 8-week “Learn to Golf” programs using the Operation 36® Development Model. Whether you’ve never touched a club or are a weekend-warrior, our golf programs give you a clear plan toward success.


Joining the Grow Golf Network gives you access to networking opportunities with other members and companies. Grow Golf Network events and technology allow you to make a career move and form connections over the game of golf.

What is the Grow Golf Network?


From the Seattle Putting Championship to weekly matches, the Grow Golf Network is built around the game. Even if you’ve never played before, you’ll fit right in.


The Grow Golf Network brings together people from different backgrounds, ages, talents, and careers. Connect with others and grow along the way.


With Year Up and the First Tee of Greater Seattle as partners, the Grow Golf Network is dedicated to helping you learn and apply those skills to the real world.

Our Mission

Improve and enhance the lives of youth and young adults by providing a sustainable career path rich with opportunity, creating a virtuous cycle of prosperity for them and the game of golf.

How the Network Supports Young Golfers

1. Youth ages 6 and up are introduced to golf in their PE classes in King County through our First Tee National Schools Program (NSP). NSP is currently in 240 Seattle-area schools serving approximately 100,000 students. First Tee coaches partner with PE teachers to deliver the curriculum.

2. Students then enroll in age-relevant First Tee programs during Spring, Summer and Fall. The program is geared for students ranging from age 6-18. In addition to golf skills,they will learn life skills, healthy habits and core values that build confidence and instill leadership qualities. The First Tee of Greater Seattle served over 2,000 youth last year in 11 different locations. This season they are expanding to 17 locations.

3. The network has partnered with Year Up of Puget Sound so that graduates of the First Tee are eligible to enroll in Year Up. Year Up empowers motivated young adults to move from minimum wage to meaningful careers in one year! The program includes learning in-demand technical and professional skills, career guidance, an educational stipend, complete course work for college credits and a 6-month corporate internship. The results are impressive. The average starting salary for Year Up grads is $47,000.

Of the Year Up alum, 73% of are employed in careers they were trained for and to date 1,700 students have been served! This is solving a huge college debt problem, getting young people skilled and productive thereby creating a virtuous cycle of growth and prosperity for these organizations and the great game of golf!

Our Partners

Contact Us

Send an email to: mike@growgolfnetwork.com